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June 1, 2016: US Congressman Jeff Denham toured Opcondys, Inc. headquarters. He was given an overview of the company and a demonstration of the technology. Congressman Denham recognized the potential of the technology in helping to modernize the power grid. He was also enthusiastic about the company's commitment to manufacturing in Manteca.  

November 11, 2015: Opcondys, Inc. participated in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Entrepreneurs in Readiness Meeting. This by-invitation-only meeting gave entrepreneurs who have licensed technology from LLNL an opportunity to present an overview of their products and companies to potential investors, mentors and the scientific community.

June 15, 2016: Opcondys, Inc. has been selected to present a poster at the prestigious European Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ECSCRM) in Halkidiki, Greece September 25-29, 2016. ECSCRM is an important international forum that brings together world-leading specialists working in different areas of wide-bandgap semiconductors. Opcondys will be presenting recent results of the device proof-of-concept.

 October 16, 2015: Opcondys, Inc. won the Rising Star Award at the Cleantech Open Western Regional Finals. This award goes to the team that shows the most promise for bringing a disruptive technology for solving the greatest energy and environmental problems to market. Cleantech Open is the oldest and largest cleantech startup accelerator program, with the mission to find, fund, and foster entrepreneurs with ideas to solve our greatest environmental and energy challenges.  

June 19, 2016: Opcondys has been selected  for a Department of Energy Small Business Voucher award. The SBV program pairs small businesses with National Laboratories to provide assistance to help bring products and services to market. Opcondys will be working with scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to perfect an advanced method for attaching high voltage electrodes to the device.

May 23, 2015: Cleantech Open has selected Opcondys, Inc. to participate in its 2015 business accelerator program. Cleantech Open is the oldest and largest cleantech startup accelerator program, with the mission to find, fund, and foster entrepreneurs with ideas to solve our greatest environmental and energy challenges. Through their annual business competition and accelerator program, Cleantech Open connects cleantech startups with the people and resources that will accelerate their success, and provide a national platform for public visibility. Their selection of Opcondys to participate this year offers the company an opportunity to grow and develop to succeed in its mission to bring efficient, high capability power switching to solve 21st Century power switching problems.

July 18, 2016 - Opcondys is pleased to announce that we have hired Bob Anderson as our Chief Operating Officer. Bob comes to us with over 30 years experience managing and directing both large, established engineering programs and small entrepreneurial projects. He led major defense systems programs for Hughes and was later Managing Director of their entire United Kingdom location. More recently he worked as Director of Business Development for SARA, Inc., commercializing SBIR projects. Bob brings this wealth of experience to Opcondys to help us through the next stage of growth.

February 1, 2016: Opcondys, Inc. demonstrated proof-of-concept of the opticondistor by successfully switching 15kV at 75 kHz. This result shows that the capability of our patented device far surpasses that of any single power electronic device on the market.

 July 1, 2015: Opcondys, Inc. has been awarded a SBIR Phase I grant by the National Science Foundation for "Direct Optical Control of High Power Using Silicon Carbide". This grant will allow Opcondys to develop a deeper understanding of the bulk conductive properties of silicon carbide. This will lead to a novel, highly efficient, cost effective device, capable of switching high power at much higher switching frequencies than existing devices. Bulk conduction also enables greater capability as power flow is not limited to the narrow space charge region at the junction. Samples of doped SiC will be selected for optimal carrier recombination characteristics and will be driven by light emitting diodes or diode lasers to demonstrate 15 kV switching at 100 kHz and eventually 10 A in an integrated four terminal package. The eventual goal is a demonstration of switching 30 kV, 20 A, at 1000 kHz, with a transition rate of >10 MV/μs, and duty cycle greater than 50%.  

The Opticondistor (OTV) is a revolutionary power switching device that takes advantage of the advanced properties of wide-bandgap materials to provide faster, higher temperature operation and greater power handling capabilities. Opcondys is developing the OTV as a new class of power electronic device for a wide variety of applications. The OTV's patented design will provide original equipment manufacturers the ability to produce assemblies that are smaller, lighter and more energy efficient, saving end users time, money and energy.